Holy shit, we registered back 1987? No recollection is had by me to do therefore

Holy shit, we registered back 1987? No recollection is had by me to do therefore

Holy shit, we registered back 1987? No recollection is had by me to do therefore

That is another concern i will be responding to from my current previous life as a university administrator:

We dealt with this specific once or twice with non-traditional pupils. The greatest problem may be the "preponderance of proof," which almost all educational funding advisors need as notarized and appropriate documents. Combine this as to what Houstonian points down in terms of available opportunities and information to join up, and it also gets very difficult. As an example, we worked being a non-trad's advocate in an incident much like yours--graduated from senior high school early, bad house life, as well as to the, he had been within the care system that is foster. I think, but still think it had been a rather typical instance of the kid who was simply dropping through the cracks, and would certainly not have understood where you can seek out his enrollment types or which he had to, or exactly just exactly what the effects had been. During the time we worked he was an awesome 30-year-old guy with a family and a great job looking to go back to school to go into a different field and discovered this the way you did--applying for aid with him.

He offered documentation of their foster care status, letters from his previous senior high school documenting his at-risk status at that time including statements from their previous principal that as being a child he had beenn't getting appropriate college or mentorship help and that she thought he might have effortlessly perhaps not been told about enrollment, paperwork of their very early twelfth grade graduation, and notarized statements from their grandmother who was a care provider every so often that she knew that neither she nor their moms and dads nor the machine never ever chatted to him about any of it. He accompanied the school funding procedure to your page, switched when you look at the documents, and had been expected, at the FA officer to his meeting, "have you ever gone to the postoffice to mail a page?" needless to say, he stated yes, after which she stated "well, I quickly need certainly to reject you as there are lots of hanging notices when you look at the postoffice you need to register." And that ended up being that, we talked along with her at size on their behalf, and she stated that the potential risks, from her viewpoint as a realtor regarding the government, were excessive to simply accept, probably, ANYONE's situation, no matter what the person's instance.

So, deep breathing, having said that, it really is from my personal anecdotal experience. There clearly was discretion which can be exercised by various FA departments for various reasons, and it's also most most likely crucial to possess a frank discussion they would look favorably upon with yours about your chances and what kind of evidence. This indicates in my experience so it will probably be worth it to you personally, also, to talk about this with legal counsel whom focuses on these things, or a fantastic ACLU agent.

We provide my most readily useful hopes of luck with this--I recognize it is discouraging. published by rumposinc at 6:50 AM on September 22, 2009 [5 favorites]

This webpage was found by me which may be of assistance.

First thing we noticed, and also this is regarding the SSS page also nonetheless it did not instantly be noticeable in my situation, is the fact that when it comes to school funding aspect this will depend in the choice of this educational funding administrator (perhaps not the SSS). Therefore, that does not fix the actual issue (not registering) but could be ideal for the instant consequence (no school funding).

Nevertheless the 2nd thing we noticed, at the end of this web page, is a summary of reasons school funding administrators have actually accepted for not enough enrollment. There is more than simply these points, however in particular -- might some of these have now been real for your needs?

- pupil attempted to get when you look at the army, but was rejected, and did not realize that enlisting and registering for Selective Service will vary needs.

- pupil ended up being kidnapped by way of a moms and dad in a custody battle, and therefore parent prevented the pupil from registering.

- moms and dads had been illegal aliens and kept the student unacquainted with the necessity to register.

- pupil claims he had been perhaps not alert to the necessity and lived abroad for the period that is entire age 18 through age 26.

- pupil had been conscious of the necessity, but improperly thought that the necessity failed to affect him because he could be their moms and dad's only kid or because every one of their moms and dad's other young ones are actually serving into the forces that are armed.

- pupil documents which he did submit an enrollment. (through the mid to belated 1990s, information for many pupils who attempted to sign up for Selective provider utilizing the FAFSA kind had been never ever sent to Selective Service. In specific, information for students that has perhaps maybe not yet reached their eighteenth birthday celebration ended up being never ever sent to Selective Service. a documented effort to register demonstrates that the failure to join up had not been willful.) published by Houstonian at 11:52 AM on September 22, 2009

Holy shit, we registered back 1987? No recollection is had by me of performing therefore.

Zomgees, Used To Do too. We have no concept just just just how that even taken place. published by Cogito at 12:59 PM on 22, 2009 september

I understand this post is a few times old, but I wish to generally share my experience. I'm an american born resident but spent my youth abroad. During the chronilogical age of eighteen we aplied for educational funding at the United States Embassy of the nation, also to my knowledge up unitl a few years ago we thought we registered with SS. In the chronilogical age of 35 I became let go from my work and I also thought it might be a good oppurtunity to earn a degree. Being a displaced worker, we had my neighborhood jobless workplace and attempted to see should they will help me with a profession modification. I happened to be served with this concern, and undoubtedly I responded "yes" I registered together with them, until my application came ultimately back and additionally they stated used to don't register. With them, They said it was too late now since I am 35 so I contacted SS and I was going to register. They delivered me personally a page describing I did not register that I would have to explain why. Simple explanation I happened to be residing abroad and I also thought we already registered using them once I sent applications for financial aid for education in those days. The supervisor for the workplace denied my application for help.

From that time on I knew it had been likely to be difficult "FAFSA, government jobs, and a whole lot more perks" for registering was gone. I needed to use for a GS work but now its perhaps perhaps maybe not likely to take place. I really do think it is unjust, females don't need to register, immigrants are offered the oppurtunity to join up regardless if they truly are through the age limitation. Simply because of the easy blunder of " we was thinking i did so" now i need to suffer for a lifetime. published by Boyet728 at 7:35 PM on 29, 2009 september