The State Kingdom Come: Deliverance Wiki Guide

The State Kingdom Come: Deliverance Wiki Guide

The State Kingdom Come: Deliverance Wiki Guide

The Quest, concerns and responses, could be the Main that is fifteenth Quest Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

From your own new house in Pirkstein right back at Rattay, you’re supposed to go speak to Sir Hanush and Sir Radzig when you look at the castle that is upper you’re prepared.

Now will be a good time and energy to offer all of the stuff you looted through the bandit camp (you can get back to your now empty camp to loot more material when you need), and clean most of Runt’s blood off see your face.

In the castle, this indicates bad news is to arrive droves: More Bandits assaulted Merhojed although you were gone, in addition to cash obtained from the bandit camp is all fake. A silver liner seems though - they took among the bandits prisoner, and Sir Radzig desires one to venture out and put those skills that are detective work once again.

Heading returning to Merhojed, Henry is reminded any particular one of their buddies whom survived the assault on Skalitz, Matthias, is currently located in Merhojed. Hopefully he’s ok. While you go into the city, you’ll see dead horses and smoke cigarettes piles - but houses that are no burned fortunately.

Request information from and you’ll acquire some bad news - not just did the Bandits wound many people - including Matthias, nevertheless the plague has arrived to Merhojed too. This can begin an innovative new side quest called Pestilence, but it here as it is integral to the main quest, we’ll cover.

The man in charge to find the captive, you need to talk to Melichar.

their house is off regarding the western region of the town, and you’ll see a guard away from house watch that is keeping.

Melichar is not too pleased Radzig had been missing throughout the assault and understands absolutely nothing about it brand new plague, so that it’s as much as Henry to truly save the afternoon. Unless you do something about it, a lot of people are going to die as it turns out, even the prisoner has the plague, and.

Melichar mentions that Matthias may understand some body during the Sasau Monastery whom could possibly assist, but you’ll should also understand the the signs of what you’re coping with. One action at a right time though, Matthias is our next target.

He’s lying down in the stables to the North, and then he can inform you a lot by what occurred, and what a number of the apparent symptoms of the plague are.

There are many more individuals ill - each homely house that is marked with an X is an indication that someone inside is not doing too good, so feel free to interrogate whom you want to, and obtain the answers you want before riding for Sasau.

Your house in the bottom Southeast corner belongs to Vincent and their spouse Wilma - both ill. They’ve got fevers therefore the runs - and when you have time to spare if you’ve boned up on your reading skill, es libre de oasis active you can undertake a side quest to write his Last Will and Testament.

Across the street, Melichar’s spouse is not doing great either - she’s got a fever also. Last that is Straw’s house - and he’s a bit from it.

He’ll begin screaming with a fever as well at you, so either talk him down or slap some sense into him, then check on his wife to find her.

In the grocer’s house, Daniel moved a little crazy and believes you might be their bro. Play along and you’ll find down he’s hot and has now an unquenchable thirst.

North of his house, Bedrishka is praying on her behalf dead husband Anthony. He died - you’ll have to help bury him if you want to get details of how.

Get a spade and dig a hole within the yard, return to fetch then the human anatomy. Following the burial, you’ll be informed that aside from the temperature, Anthony had great belly discomfort before dying.

Now it is time for you to ride for Sasau. For those who haven’t explored it yet, just take the road Southwest from Merhojed and down to Samopesh. Drive through the little village and out western then further South and soon you strike the great Sasau Monastery, utilizing the city of Sasau below over the river.

It’s a bustling destination packed with every style of vendor it is possible to think about, so make sure to explore, and you can turn that in to the local priest if you took the last will of Vincent. There are also your other buddies Fritz and Matthew at the inn nearby the Monastery, which help them down with an activity if you've got the time.